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Some of our recent guitar repair work

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Take a peek at some of the varied guitar repairs from the last two weeks here at the Malone Guitars workshop in Billericay, Essex

A stainless steel refret for Ryan’s Fender stratocaster

Ryan had assembled some cool parts for his strat, but they needed some work to play nicely together. He also wanted some shiny new stainless steel jumbo frets and a handmade bone nut.

I’m a big fan of stainless frets! #maloneguitars #stratocaster #fenderguitars

body shot of a black stratocaster guiter with pearl pickguard and maple neck and stainless steel jumbo frets repaired at Malone Guitars in Billericay Essex
Classic Fender Stratocaster

A bridge repair for a Kimbara acoustic

After almost 40 years in a loft, Elaine’s 60s Japanese made #Kimbara came out of hibernation as something to do during lockdown. Unfortunately when she tuned it, the bridge let go, taking some of the finish with it. So, it had a full service and set up, along with a bridge repair, finish retouching and repairs to the case hinges and covering. #maloneguitars #guitarrepair #billericay #guitartech #luthier #luthiery #classicalguitar @ Malone Guitars

a 70s Japanese made Kimbara classical guitar in its case after a bridge repair and set up at Malone Guitars in Billericay Essex
A Lovely Old Kimbara Guitar

Deep clean and set up for a 30 year old Epiphone Sheraton

Darren’s peach of an Epiphone Sheraton had a Malone Guitars spa day . It already played nicely but had a few stray buzzes, which I treated with a set up, some work polishing the string saddles, and a fingerboard scrub, oil, buff and body wax to finish.

a shiny blonde Gibson Epiphone Sheraton guitar built in Korea and set up and serviced at Malone Guitars in Billericay
Blonde Epiphone Sheraton Guitar

Electrical repair for a cool bass guitar

I resolved an electrical problem on this interesting Hudson fretless bass. It was making the most horrific noise when it arrived at the workshop, due to some sketchy wiring (and that’s being kind) and more than one short circuit. It’s now all cleaned up, properly insulated and whisper quite.

spalted maple fretless Project Bass guitar on the workbench for electrical electronic wiring repair at Malone Guitars in Essex
Unusual Fretless Project Bass Guitar

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Paul Edward Vango
Paul Edward Vango
2020년 12월 11일

Thanks for working on my 1979 25th Anniversary Stratocaster it plays lovely as does my 1980 Gibson SG, it is better with10s not 9s

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