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Busy busy busy!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

It's been a busy few weeks at malone guitars! What with taking up weekly guitar lessons (more on that in a mo), we've also secured accounts with some excellent new parts suppliers. We are pleased to announce we will be using Bare Knuckle Pickups almost exclusively in our builds from now on. BKP hand wind their gear in the South West of England, and I've got to say it, they are incredible! You can read more about the BKP team here:

We've also secured a great sustainable exotic timber supplier in Spain, to supplement our current UK suppliers, and have also teamed up with the fine folk at North West Guitars, who will be supplying the hardware that we don't make in-house.

And the lessons? Turns out I have/had god-awful technique (which in honesty I already knew...). But then a few decades of playing with no one pointing out what you are doing wrong will do that. It's challenging, but I'm actually enjoying the process of relearning an existing skill. Big credit of course must go to my instructor, Glen Parish, who did a great job of not gilding the lily and hitting me with the bad news right between the eyes! You can check Glen out at the link below, and do take the effort to drop by his YouTube channel for some excellent blues and rock stuff (among other things!)

telecaster type guitar headstock neck made from wenge and fitted with Sperzel locking tuners on a custom electric by Malone Guitars in Billericay Essex
‘Adam’ t-type guitar neck in AAA grade wenge, test fitting with Sperzel trim lok tuners before final finishing

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