Strummers and pickers alike love the feel and sound of Taylor's all-solid wood sapele/spruce Dreadnought 310. The guitar has a 24-7/8-inch scale length — slightly shorter than the 25-1/2-inch length of most other Taylor Dreadnoughts — makes forming chords and bending strings a little easier on the hands.


The pairing of sapele and spruce yields clear projection with a top-end presence that makes for strong and articulate lead runs, while the broad waist of the Dreadnought delivers a strong low end with a throaty midrange focus.


Finished with satin back and sides with a gloss spruce top. The guitar comes complete with a Taylor deluxe hardshell case.


Manufactured in the USA in 2001, this is a Taylor 'legacy model' and as such is not currently available as a standard production model from the manufacturer.


This guitar is in very good condition, the timber having matured beautifully it has a great bottom end and real warmth, showing slight  signs of wear commensurate with its age, primarily to the headstock face and with some minor bruises to the body edges.

Taylor 310

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